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RubiVision 7" 4K UHD LCD HDMI Video Monitor
7" 4K UHD LCD Monitor

IPS Screen Resolution of 1920 x 1200 Brightness 450 cd/sq m

Contrast ratio 1200:1

Viewing Angles 160 deg H and V

Pixel to Pixel Peaking False colour & Clip Guides

Speaker and on-screen audio level indicator
Aspect ratio Full 16:9 4:3 Monochrome peaking features LED focused areas with a bright Red outline helping to achieve accurate focus on desired points.

The false colour feature helps to achieve flawless and optimal exposure by of assigned colour indicators which indicates brightness values of the subjects within the frame.

Framing Safe area.

Inputs HDMI, Composite

Black case 1/4" Screw Mounting hole

Front Controls

Power 7-24 volts dc at 8 Watts Flexible Power System 2.1mm or Camcorder Battery Holder Option

Price: £345.00 +VAT & Delivery*

*Delivery charged after initial payment of product depending on location in Great Britain.
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