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Rubi-Radio Terrestrial & Camera Control Links
HD-SDI and HDMIThe Rubi-Radio Microwave Link is suitable for Terrestrial communications of HD Video Signals over a distance of up 1500 feet (350 metres) LOS The Rubi-Radio HD RF link is COFDM modulation with an RF output of 23dBm and works on eight channels in the 5GHz range and can be licensed by JFMG on 4 of the channels The equipment works on 6.5-16.8Vdc with power consumption approximately 8/9wattts and latency is given as less then 1ms.

The Rubi-Radio link is suitable for both Fixed links using an antenna support system or Mobile production work as a Radio Camera .To achieve the best results when the link is being used for Radio Camera production work it is recommended that the High Gain five Antenna Array is used on the Receive end together with two High Gain antennas on the Camera Transmission end. When used as a Radio Camera the transmitter can be attached directly to the back of any Broadcast Camera which uses a V- lock 12 volt dc battery system.

The Rubi-Radio RF Link will transmit either HD-SDI or HDMl with up four embedded Audio/Data channels. Whether used as a terrestrial link or as a Radio Camera the Rubi-Radio RF link is eminently suitable for Studio or OB Production work.

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