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Remote Control Panels (RCP)
Each RCP panel is made up of 16 illuminated Touch Buttons. Each Button identifying an individual control features and when depressed may produce change shown in the small LCD display shown at that top of the Panel.

Zoom Speed, Focus and Iris are individual controls positioned also at the top of the panel and all changes are shown in the LCD display. The number of controls will generally be around 12/15 but additions for specific functions can of course be incorporated.

When applicable there will be a Joy Stick controller for Pan and Tilt Heads at the bottom of the panel.

The RCP can be connected to the Camera Head by a RS 232 data cable at a distance of up to 1000 feet away .For simple convenience often a standard Audio Cable may be used The RCP can also be operated Remotely by R F and cover a Transmission distance of up to 1000feet.

Individual cases can house the RCP but typically the size would be 7 X 4 X 2 inches.

The RubiCam Remote Control Panel may also be used to control similar Cameras with a RS232 data and Visca Protocol.
RCP Cable Version

Price: £1,150.00 +VAT & Delivery*

*Delivery charged after initial payament of product depending on location in Great Britain.
RCP Standard RF Version

Price: £1,500.00 +VAT & Delivery*

*Delivery charged after initial payment of product depending on location in Great Britain.
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